Asstrology by Llew Mejia

"Asstrology" by Llew Mejia

Asstrology, our latest hardcover book by illustrator, Llew Mejia delves into the darker side of the zodiac. 

With full page color illustrations, each sign is reimagined in intricate detail fitting of Llew's style. Asstrology uncovers the most unsavory aspects of each sign, exploring the love trials, career crooks and famous murderers of the zodiac. Llew's book makes for a great conversation starter no matter what your sign, just beware, sometimes the traits are more correct than you'd like to admit!
Our limited edition printing is now available.
Be sure to grab one before it's gone!
• Hard Cover, Offset Printed
• 6" x 9", 40 Pages

• Edition of 500


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