Valley Cruise Press is an art-centric lifestyle brand co-owned by husband and wife team, Ted and Kelley Feighan. We officially launched in January 2014 with our first publication, 'Flower Arrangements' by Ted and quickly grew from there. In the past 4 years we have grown from a small project run out of Ted and Kelley's apartment into an international brand located in over 500 stores and 20 countries worldwide!

In October 2018, after the birth of their twin girls, Ted and Kelley packed up the business and decided to move the brand from Los Angeles back home to Cleveland, Ohio where we are now located in eclectic Ohio City. 



We make a wide range of products including stationery, accessories and home goods as well as custom products for other brands. We are coming out with new products all the time, so if you don't see your favorite accessory yet, just keep your eyes peeled because it may pop up soon!


Ted Feighan
Ted is co-owner and Creative Director for Valley Cruise Press. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Ted graduated with degrees in printmaking and design from The Ohio State University. As Creative Director, Ted works with artists to design our awesome collections. In his spare time, Ted creates music under the alias Monster Rally as well as showcases his own art in shops and galleries around the country.

Kelley Feighan
Kelley is co-owner and CEO of Valley Cruise Press. Also raised in Cleveland, Ohio, she graduated from The Ohio State University with degrees in History and French. Kelley works on the business side of Valley Cruise, coordinating with wholesalers and overseeing our team of five. When she isn't working, Kelley is overseeing her other team of two.